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Mexican Sativa Regular

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Flowering Time
7-10 Weeks
Lineage Oaxaca x Durban
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Mexican Sativa Regular cannabis seeds are easy to grow, affordable and ideal even in cold climates. The tall, elegant plants produce weed with an aroma that differs from typical Haze strains. So how did we succeed in getting this exotic cannabis strain acclimatized to northern climates? By crossing an original, little-known strain from Oaxaca with the robust African sativa strain Durban. To shorten the flowering time and further improve resistance to cold, we also added a Hash Plant from Pakistan. The result is a plant based on 70% sativa genes, with elegant, elongated buds. The loose structure of the buds means they’re very resistant to mould. Those who know it praise the versatility of this strain. It can be cultivated in a growing room as easily as it can outdoors. But remember: these plants can grow vigorously during the flowering phase, which can last up to ten weeks. The flavours of Mexican Sativa are an unusual blend of sandalwood, flowery notes and pine. The scent during the growth and flowering phase is subtle, which is an advantage for certain growers. When smoked, notes of liquorice and citrus come to the fore, with underlying woody and earthy flavours. If you want a change from the usual Haze flavours, this could be the perfect strain for you!

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