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Michka Feminised

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Flowering Time
10-12 Weeks
Lineage Thailand, Jamaica and Colombia Genetics
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Our tribute to the grande dame of cannabis: Michka® Feminized is a tall-growing, seductively scented sativa. It’s not a strain for novices as it requires lots of tender loving care. The beautiful flower clusters and the energetic high compensate for the long flowering time. The thick, compact, light-green buds are quite unusual. Michka® Feminized produces loose buds with a structure a little reminiscent of popcorn. Because the spiral-shaped growth structure provides ample ventilation, the buds are well protected against mould. Even a few weeks before harvesting, Michka® Feminized gives off a complex aroma. A blend of citrus fruits delights the nose. When smoked or in a vaporiser, this potent weed has an even stronger citrus flavour, but also tastes deliciously sweet.

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