MS #29 Feminised

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Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Lineage Sweets #29 x Melon
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

MS #29 by Karma Genetics is one of the most sought after strains from their melon line drop using their signature reversed melon, a whole line dedicated to the Melon, which uses some of Karma's most renowned new strains. The MS #29 works with 2 of the more modern creations from Karma Genetics, crossing together the Sweets, a cross of the Guava Gelato and Karma's infamous Sour Diesel BX2. The Sweets has an irresistible mixture of tropically sweet gelato alongside the rich sour gas from the Sour Diesel BX2. The MS #29 proliferates swiftly, stacking growth early in flower, showing the MS #29 desire to stretch, which is typically best grown when topped. Most phenotypes will produce very tightly compacted buds that are rounded and easy to trim and manicure. Most of the phenotypes of the MS29 will produce gorgeous buds adorned in vibrant light green with a smattering of distinctive orange pistils when ripe. Some phenotypes will express slight purple tints from the Guava Gelato genetics towards the end of the flowering period, and the smells and flavours will be a wild mixture of cream, musk and sweets with a gassy backend. Thanks to this exotic terp profile and heavy bag appeal, this beautiful strain is sure to be one not to miss!.

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