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Zambeza Seeds

Notorious White Auto Feminised

Most autoflowering varieties of cannabis on the market are usually Indica dominant plants. Our Notorious White introduces the unmistakable Sativa influence to the world of effortless and fast growing autoflowering varieties.

It is definitely a welcome change for those, who enjoy the ease of growth of autoflowering strains. Zambeza Seeds autoflowering feminised Notorious White was born from the cannabis Ruderalis and fast growing sativas: Super Silver Haze and Bubblegum. Though not dominant, the Sativa trait is reflected in the size of the plant. While remaining rather compact, it grows significantly taller than most autoflowering varieties, reaching from 60 cm to as much as 90 cm.

With our Notorious White, from planting the seed till harvest, you will have to wait just 8 to 9 weeks. Indoor growers might consider using carbon filters, as the plant produces rather strong scent during flowering. The fruity aroma, rich and spicy, will only get stronger and more intriguing after drying and curing. Though some of the more Indica dominant autoflowering varieties produce tighter and denser buds, the yields from Notorious White are certainly not disappointing, resulting in approximately 40 g of high quality marijuana per plant.

Zambeza Seeds Notorious White has long been the most Sativa dominant autoflowering variety, before the introduction of our Spirit Haze. The ease of growth is ensured by feminising the seeds, which became our trademark. The plant produces average rich in THC and CBD smoke, that will give you strong physical effect and a optimistic, clear high. All in all, a very good strain with a wide range of applications.

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

CBD: Average

Genetics: Ruderalis x Super Silver Haze x Bubblegum

THC: Average

Effect: Physical

Height: 60-90 cm

Yield: Large

  • 65-70 Days
  • Auto
  • Feminised
  • Short - Medium
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Indica Sativa
  • High
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