Outlier Z F4 Auto

Outlier Z F4 Auto

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Flowering Time
11-12 Weeks
Lineage Pre 98 Bubba Kush (Clone Only) x Auto Skywalker
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Whilst running the F2 Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Auto Skywalker, the expectation was to find a range of intense Bubba and Skywalker flavours, like the F1s. Night Owl realised he was in for some wild variations from the two parent cultivars' profiles. Still, nothing quite as distinctly different from what eventually became Outlier Z. As soon as the terps became noticeable in bloom, it was clear that they had had to be worked on separately from the Bubba line. The 'Z' denotation refers to the heavy fruity candy terp profiles that are more commonly known as Zkittlez. Outlier Z packs super dense buds and an insane bag appeal that backs up a winning flavour profile, making for an all-around winner. The F3 variety carried this same Fruity Z terp profile with just a bit more gas in the background, instantly making it more enjoyable than the F2. Bag appeal is off the charts with this one, producing mini disco ball-like nuggets for the flowers & the effects are stoney but not so much so that it affects focus as long as it isn't enjoyed too frequently. However, the flavour profile will keep you coming back for more and more, which could make that goal difficult. The differences between Pre 98 Episode 1 and Outlier Z F4 are striking. Episode 1 reflects and represents old-school funk with its tastes and effects, while Outlier Z is the ideal example of modern flavours and effects. Both genetics are very different varieties from the same parent stock, seriously remarkable in their own rights and highly recommended.

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