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Pinata x Melon Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-10 Weeks
Lineage Piñata x Melon
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Piñata is one of the first strains launched from Grounded Genetics where they've hit the infamous Gelato 41 aka Bacio Gelato with Grounded Genetics' reversed Runtz Pollen. Piñata recently took home second place in the BHO category of Spannabis cup awards, which is undoubtedly thanks to her full-flavoured candy, gas and funk notes. The Pinata produces a range of different phenotypes, some will reek of the over the top candy and sweet gas Runtz terpenes that are deepened with a hazelnut dessert-like profile similar to a freshly baked baklava. Some other phenotypes express a gassy creamy gelato flavour with subtle hints of the sickly candied Runtz terpenes from the Runtz pollen donor, whilst others even expressed the typical soapy Zkittlez notes whilst also simultaneously being coated in resin heads. Meanwhile, Karma's Melon is a strain that continues to shine and beauty to nearly everything she touches, she's certainly got the Midas touch!
Karma Genetics' Melon is an older variety of uncertain parents that is believed to be rooted in OG heritage, the seeds were received in a trade from the Overgrown forum days. One thing is for sure, is that she produces exorbitantly sweet green melon and gas terp profiles, showing that this candy gas genre of terp profiles isn't a new phenomenon! The melon's flavour profile is very much green melon-like and she produces large buds.

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