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Pineapple Passion Zmoothie Regular

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Flowering Time
6-7 Weeks
Lineage Pineapple Passion ZkittleZ x Passion Zmoothie
Yield Medium to High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

This indica-dominant hybrid is derived from a cross of Pineapple Passion Zkittlez x Passion Zmoothie. Just like Terp Hogz other Zkittlez-based creations, this strain leaves you in no doubt who the breeder is with its pronounced fruity terps and over-the-top resin production. Expect a sweet, fruity zing like fresh cut pineapples backed by the familiar Zkittlez power that we all know and love. Zkittles has an air of mystery about its origins – there are two declared parent strains in Grape Ape and Grapefruit, but there is a third, undisclosed contributor to these genetics that is simply listed as “unknown strain”.

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