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Pineapple XX Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Cinderella 99 Pineapple x Cinderella 99
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Pineapple XX is one of the latest creations to join Brothers Grimm Seeds incredible feminized seed range. Pineapple XX feminized seeds are made with a particular purpose: to satisfy all of the growers & smokers who can clearly remember the original C99. The original C99 contrasts the current Cinderella XX, which was far more Sativa leaning and produces an exotic pineapple flavour. Growers should typically expect frosty, compact buds with foxtails and a devilishly strong pineapple aroma; the aroma is so strong that it will smell like your room is a Dole/ Pineapple juice plantation. Pineapple XX is a hugely Sativa dominant plant; the resulting progeny is lanky as seedlings and towers tall by the end of the flowering period. However, when grown from a clone, the plants stay shorter and more compact. After harvest, you'll be overwhelmed opening the jar of your Pineapple XX as it will immediately fill the room with ripe pineapple aromas. As soon as you light up a joint, the fruity flavour will fill your palate and excite your taste buds. The overall effects hit strong and fast with smooth, uplifting waves of pleasure.

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