Pink Pineapple Kush & Pineapple Pound Cake Feminised
Pink Pineapple Kush & Pineapple Pound Cake Feminised

Pink Pineapple Kush & Pineapple Pound Cake Feminised

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Flowering Time
8 Weeks
Lineage Pink Pineapple Kush= Pineapple Burst x Strawberry Cane / Pineapple Poundcake = Pancakes x Pineapple Burst
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Pink Pineapple Kush & Pineapple Pound Cake Holy Smoke Seeds is the latest release from the house of Holy Smoke, this time coming in a unique dual strain pack that includes 3x Pink Pineapple Kush, 3x Pineapple Pound Cake. PS, it also comes with a bonus promo of 3x Strawberry Marshmallow OG, giving you nine feminised seeds for the price of 6! Pink Pineapple Kush by Holy Smoke Seeds is the first strain in this double pack, being a cross of the Pineapple Burst & Holy Smoke Seeds incredible Strawberry Cane. The Pineapple Fruz and Kushmints from Seed Junky Genetics adds huge swollen calyxes into the lineage, which leads to a massive array of solid colas. In addition, they pack on weight by utilising hundreds of growing sites from the Strawberry Cane. Pink Pineapple Kush is a super producer now and produces absolute baseball bats of some of the most beautiful cannabis ever seen. The finished product is absolutely top-shelf, capable of hitting over 30% & is extremely strong. The Cane is already well known for this and adding the instant indica effect from the Pineapple sets off a huge platform of stoney effects with a seemingly limitless vista. Pink Pineapple Kush's flavour is pure summer Pineapple punch with a touch of Strawberry on the exhale; it's so damn tasty but also very strong, and her bag appeal is just amazing. Holy Smoke Seeds loves the Pancakes; it's nearly a perfect strain; all it ever needed was a burst of flavour to blend with the creamy bakery notes. Well, she met her match with the Pineapple Burst, that's producing beautiful rock-hard pineapple candy buds with incredible bag appeal that's like pure diamonds. Pineapple Poundcake is an easy-to-cultivate variety that feeds well, and finishes quickly but packs an absolute wallop of a stone; purely indica vibes on the Pineapple Poundcake. She is very therapeutic and is enjoyed best when comfortable cause when she hits; all concerns will drift out the window, it's beautiful and serene and an absolute gem, so please enjoy responsibly. 

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