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Eva Seeds

Pink Plant Feminised


TIME: 8-9 Weeks

HEIGHT: Medium

THC: THC 15-20%

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Outdoors, it is an extremely vigorous plant, rather big, with true super-productions. Its pistils turn pink during the flowering phase. It generates little ambient odours, which makes it ideal for crops where smells might be a problem.

Genetics: TNT Kush x High Level

Shape: Quite elongated and big plant, robust stems, with very compact and hard buds.

Effect: Powerful and cerebral

Smell: Mild, to fresh fruit

Taste: Fresh, to loquat and eucalyptus

Sativa 85% / Indica: 15%

THC: High

Yield: High

Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days