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Satin Black Domina CBD Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-9 Weeks
Lineage Black Domina CBD
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid. It has a THC / CBD ratio of 2:1, thanks to its gene pool, which includes an undisclosed CBD strain. This strain grows to average heights, and produces very large yields. It thrives in temperate and continental climates, and its effect is relaxing and somewhat cerebral. Appearance-wise, the most noticeable thing about Satin Black Domina Feminized is the colour: a rich deep green that appears almost black in certain lights. The central cola is typically sturdy and thick, as you’d expect from an indica-dominant strain. The plants can be cultivated in both temperate and continental climates, and also thrive when grown indoors. Upon consumption, users report a sense of pleasant relaxation, combined with a hint of uplift and creativity. The aroma of the plants is peppery and fruity, with a hint of hashish. This usually grows in strength as they near harvest-time, and carries through to the taste, when the earthy Afghan tones come to the foreground.

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