Sinfully Sour

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SinFully Sour Regular

These two plants were made for each other! Both have very similar flavors with the Sage n Sour OG yielding less, but the taste is more like OG and it also packs more of an indica punch. The Sour Jack on the other hand grows faster and yields more. It also has a soaring high, but it doesn't have that OG flavor. It made sense thasting sativa effects.

This one is a great choice for any time of the day! We knew the combination of the two would result in the best of both worlds, all the sour funk you could want and a more pleasurable plant to grow! SinfullySour is a very flavorful balanced smoke, it has a strong indica buzz but also long lasting sativa effects.

Lineage: Sage N Sour OG X Sour Jack

Ratio: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time: 63 - 70 days

Yield: Yields are above average, some support may be needed during flowering.

Flavour And Smell: Extremely sour flavours and smell, very uniform in taste and smell.

Tips And Tricks: We like the shorter phenos and recommend removing larger fan leaves that shade flower sites during flowering.

  • Regular
  • 9-10 Weeks
  • Photo
  • Indica Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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