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Exotic Seed

Sir Jack Auto


TIME: 12-13 Weeks


THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa


This strain is the result of taking a super healthy Sir Jack with strong traits of its Jack Herer heritage and crossing it with a robust Skunk Auto to create an automatic version of Exotic Seeds popular Sir Jack that carries over the high yield and resin production of its parents.

For being autos these cannabis seeds reach an impressive height, usually around 100-120cm with more of a robust stocky structure that you don't tend to see on autoflowering seeds. 

The taste and smell is close to its Jack parenthood with a spicy lemon insense taste and aroma backed by the classic cerebral high thats known and loved from Jack Herer.

Genetics: (Sir Jack x Skunk Auto) F6

Seed To Harvest: 12 Weeks

Average Yield: 500-550 gr/m²

Effect: Uplifting