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Royal Queen Seeds

Skunk XL Feminised

Originally, a mix of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan land races creating the 50% Sativa 50% Indica genetic that led to a new generation of cannabis.

Our Skunk XL feminised will grow over 1 metre tall, up to 1.5m, yielding a giant main cola. Over all she is quite an easy plant to maintain, with little stretching during flower for a Sativa, combined with her big bud structure altogether making her a pleasant plant to grow.

Grown indoors on average you get a yield of 65-75 g per plant or between 500g per metre squared, under a 600w light. Grown outdoors, she prefers a warmer climate such as in Spain, Italy or California and given the right conditions will produce over 600g per plant.

As for smoke, our Skunk XL Feminised brings a great mix of instant head high while a subtle body stone creeps up on you after time. Smokers always enjoy her sweet, fruit like, taste that makes every hit of the joint or bong a genuine pleasure to be desired after.

THC: 17%

CBD: Medium

Yield Indoor: 600-650gr m2

Yield Outdoor: 550-600 grams per plant dried

Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm

Height Outdoor: 160 - 200 cm

Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks

Harvest Month: October

Genetic Background: Skunk

Type Sativa: 50% Indica: 50%

Effect: A combination of stoned + high

  • Very High
  • THC 15-20%
  • Short - Medium
  • Photo
  • Feminised
  • Indica Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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