Sour OG Regular

Sour OG Regular

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Flowering Time
8.5-9 Weeks
Lineage Madman OG (L.A. Confidential x Private Reserve) x Sour Zee (Sour Diesel x Zkittlez)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Sour OG Regular Cannabis Seeds by Fidel Seed co is a premium-quality regular cannabis cross that is the offspring of the Mad Man OG mother cut pollinated by the Sour Zee stud. Sour OG can quickly be grown in all mediums, making it an excellent option for all, as it is suited for indoor and outdoor environments. Sour OG grows tall with very tightly-packed internal nodes, which means that the plant buds will stack and create very dense buds that are typically found with OG cultivars. In addition, sour OG is a very high-yielding plant that produces exceptional resin coverage translating well to being a hash plant, giving a terp-packed draw when consumed as flower. Sour OG has a very sour gas-dominated profile that can be traced back to the Mad Man OG mother plant, a cross of the legendary L.A. Confidential with Private Reserve. So when you squeeze the Sour OG flower by your nose, you'll instantly experience a very sour undertone that perfectly compliments the gas smell, making for the perfect blend of OG and Sour terpene profiles. 

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