The Bulldog Chronic
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Bulldog Seeds

The Bulldog Chronic Feminised

Our Chronic is suprisingly elegant and savagely good. How can this possibly be better that original Chronic, i kid you not - It is!

Do not for one minute be fooled by it's competition! What our Chronic delivers is simply staggering. Breath taking appearance, massive yield and a classic one hit wonder high that you could only come to expect from this high grade skunk.

Category: Indoor/Outdoor

Pedigree: Super Skunk x Church

Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica 60/40

Flowering Time: 8 Weeks

Yield: 600/700 gr./sqm

Effect: Long Lasting High

Flavour: Spicy/Sour

THC: +/- 20,25 %

CBD: +/- 0,17 %

CBN: +/- 0,17 %

  • Very High
  • THC 20-25%
  • Photo
  • Feminised
  • Indica Sativa
  • Indoor and Outdoor
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