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Eva Seeds

TNT Kush Feminised

YIELD: Medium

TIME: 8-9 Weeks

HEIGHT: Medium

THC: THC 20-25%


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Addressed to overpowering Indica lovers. Special and distinctive taste. Very relaxing and medicinal effect. Ideal for highly tolerant to THC users.

Awards: 1st hash prize Revolta Verda 2006

Genetics: Pakistan

Shape: Rather elongated plant, with very compact and hard buds.

Effect: Very potent and relaxing. Ideal for night or medicinal use.

Smell: Very special, to walnut and cypress, with cherry and ripe star fruit tones.

Taste: A mixture of smells, with added touches of bitter almond and chocolate.

SATIVA 0% / INDICA: 100%

THC: Very High

Yield: Medium-high

Indoor Flowering: 55-60 days