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TNT Trichome Feminised

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Flowering Time
7-8 Weeks
Lineage Afghani Genetics
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

TnT Trichome has a very pungent and aromatic terpene profile. You will mainly enjoy a really rich earthy aroma with hints of coffee and slightly acidic & fruity tones. The taste is mostly earthy too, but some users also taste hints of grapefruit and citrus. It’s quite a unique experience if you haven’t had it before. It has a strong taste that can tingle the throat a bit. She packs a real punch so our advice is to go easy on her, the Afghani heritage makes sure this is not a strain for the lite-toker. Hardcore weed smokers will absolutely love the oldschool aroma & taste of our TnT Trichome. Tnt Trichome is a very easy plant to grow. She has a good nutrient uptake and isn’t easily stressed making her very suitable for beginners too. She grows into a compact little bush with a big dominant main bloom. All of her buds are super dense and compact making this cannabis strain pretty easy to trim. She definitely grows wide instead of high. Her Indica dominant growth pattern becomes very clear from the start of the vegetative phase and will continue throughout the flowering phase.

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