Tropicanna Grape Cake Regular

Tropicanna Grape Cake Regular

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Flowering Time
Lineage Tropicana Cookies (Harry Palms/ MTN Cut) x (Grape Topanaga x Zkittlez Cake)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Tropicana Grape Cake crosses Harry Palms cut of the Tropicana Cookies aka the MTN Cut. Fidel received this illusive cut through his relationship with Bobby Trill of Trilogy 710, this relationship has been fostered for a long time as Fidel sold him his first grow set up during his days at the Hydro store. The cut was traded for the Cherry Rope that Fidel Hydro had cuttings. Fidel's Seed Co bred the Tropicana Cookies cut with their selected male from the Jungle Boys seeds that crossed the Grape Topanga with their Zkittlez Cake. Zkittlez Cake crosses Zkittlez with Jungle Boy's Wedding Cake. Meanwhile, Grape Topanga crosses Jungle Boy's heritage OG cultivar Topanga Canyon OG with their Grape Pie cut.  This resulted in a number of phenotypes that express like the Tropicana Cookies with a significant increase of gas. It keeps the same bag appeal and deep purple complexion as the original Tropicana Cookies just with a heavy dousing of gasoline.

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