Two Bananas  Feminised

Two Bananas Feminised

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Flowering Time
8-8.5 Weeks
Lineage Banana OG x Banana Ripple #17 (reversal)
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Two Bananas by Old School Genetics  is a new-school hybrid that fuses the legendary Banana OG ORGNKID cut that has been making waves & been used to breed many elite flower & hash clones with Oldman Green's selection made for the Banana Ripple reversal project. Old School Genetics' breeder Oldman Green decided to pair the Banana OG with his selection of Banana Ripple to try and match unique, exotic Banana terps with a classic Kush genetics style. The resulting offspring produce deep, full-flavoured terps that are bound to remind you of the best OG Kush varieties alongside Banana and Fruity hints.Two Bananas by Old School Genetics typically finishes flowering in 60 days/ 8.5 weeks and is a high yielder that has a stretch factor of 4x-5x. Two Bananas is a Sativa dominant hybrid, with her being 70% Sativa in her lineage and 30% Indica.

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