Vacation Bubba Auto
Vacation Bubba Auto

Vacation Bubba Auto

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Flowering Time
11-12 Weeks
Lineage Pre 98 Episode 1 F3 x Mango Isle F1
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Vacation Bubba Auto Cannabis Seeds produces large, stout plants with heavy yields of top-shelf flowers. The P98 and Mango Isle's hybrid has resulted in unique flavours ranging from skunk, meat and lime terps to a complex creamy, earthy spearmint. Vacation Bubba put out a profile that produces an intense acrid ammonia flavour that requires extra determination to make it the whole way through the smoke. Vacation Bubba puts out classic Sativa-looking plants in their structure with greasy spears with a little frost on the fan leaves but heavy coatings across the flowers. Vacation Bubba has lovely effects that help with stimulation, clarity and focus whilst providing physical relaxation without weighing you down too intensely. Vacation Bubba Auto Cannabis Seeds by Night Owl Seeds produces the ultimate daytime strain. 

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