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Z-Face Regular

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Flowering Time
9-10 Weeks
Lineage Zkittlez x Face Off OG
Yield High
Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Rocket Fuel cannabis seeds by Archive Seedbank continue their remarkable run of strains hit with pollen from the legendary Face Off OG strain that has birthed many powerful cultivars such as the Pie Face. This is a strain for those seeking those raw gaseous terpenes that are so well established within OG crosses; a true one for the history books with B-Real from Cypress Hill helping to push the Jet Fuel OG strain into the hall of fame in cannabis folklore. These strains provide an intense fuel-like terpene profile that is reminiscent of burnt-out tires alongside prominent kushy notes. These strains are hallmarks of the SoCal Cannabis scene. Legal growers can expect to find knock-out phenotypes that are equal parts dank fuel, pine, and earth; even the pickiest of kush lovers should be satisfied by this strain as long as they can cope with floppy branches and compact dense buds of potent flower. The OG Kush rich lineage here provides a thick coating of resin and tends to show significant stretching whilst in bloom; developing to a medium height and providing bountiful yields with the right greenthumb.

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