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Tropical Seeds

Zambian Regular


TIME: 12-13 Weeks


THC: -


HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor

Tropical Seeds selected the most compact Zambian plants, tending to be branchy with short internodes and big dark green leafs. This strain end up with a medium final size that fits perfectly indoors. They found it always very vigorous and resistant to many pests and diseases.

Males are quite different, thin, lanky plants with large and very separated branches, being earlier ending the blooming time. When blooming Zambians are not odorous till the last weeks when the woody and very spicy aroma appears. It produces some big trichomes and buds. Instant, clear/active and long lasting effect.

Genetics: Zambian Copper IBL P3

Variety: Sativa

Flowering Type: Photoperiod

Sex: Regular

Yield: Medium - High

Grows: Grows indoors, Grows outdoors

Flowering Time: 80 - 90 days