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Flavour Chasers

Zkittlez Feminised


TIME: 7-9 Weeks


THC: THC 15-20%




  • Zkittlez - Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Undisclosed Legendary Strain
  • Flowering Time: 7 - 9 weeks
  • Yield: High
  • THC: 15-17%


Zkittlez is an award winning indica dominant strain. The colas are large for your typical indica strain and they release a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. Created through a cross of Grape Ape, Grapefruit and an undisclosed legendary strain, Zkittlez has a powerful flavoursome punch despite having a relatively low THC level compared to some of our other strains.

The low THC creates effects that are of a happy, relaxed euphoric uplifting nature which is unlike most indica strains. It has also been known to help with stress, depression, pain relief and insomnia but if you suffer from anxiety this strain probably isn’t for you.