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The Plug Seedbank

Zupreme Feminised


TIME: 8-11 Weeks


THC: -

INDICA/SATIVA: Indica Sativa

HABITAT: Indoor and Outdoor


Zkittlez x Zmoothies Z3


The real Zkittlez is here, terphogz creators of potentially the most hyped strain out there have teamed up with The Plug Seedbank, the expert growers behind The Plug BCN, Barcelona's premium cannabis club who are responsible for The Plug Records.

Zkittlez is loved universally for its insane flavours and smells, you can literally taste the rainbow with an array of zesty and creamy fruits. With a smell that is unmistakably recognized as zkittlez these are some of the most advanced cannabis seed genetics available. Not only does it smell insanely good, terpenes that smell like almost artificial fruit flavour sweets but unlike most bud the flavour of the smokes tastes exactly like and as good and potent as the smell. Unbelievably moreish you will be left needing more of the sweet Zkittlez flavour.


Taking Terphogz legendary Zkittles The Plug BCN have combined this with their Zkittlez based strain Zmoothies. Giving the standard Zkittlez more vigour and strength means this strain really does go for it, serious branching will occur to support the stacks of Zkittlez nugs that are dense but also have this pleasant soft and fluffy feel to them. This plant produces very nice trichrome coverage and dry sifts very well with a decent hash yield.


These Zupreme cannabis seeds grow with a flowering time of 8 - 11 weeks and you can expect medium to high yields. 


Available to buy online or phone us to reserve your pack from our UK walk in cannabis store based in Essex, the home of Dr Chronic Seeds since 1991.