Medical seeds

Medical Seeds

The experience gained over the years as growers has taught us that it is very important to cultivate with quality seeds and that is why we have been selecting genetics from all over the world.

We always have special care when combining and crossing varieties with the intention to achieve an improved genetic of better quality and we test them for a long period of time before selling them.

​MedicalSeeds is a small bank based in Barcelona. We have a limited production and to be able to offer a quality product we need to work with all varieties separately, to get to know them, to have cultivated them and to know how do they react to pests, fertilizing, flowering times, harvest in outdoor, capacity to bear the cold and fungus, and ultimately make a good and strict quality control before launching them onto the market.

Nowadays we are not only working with our own genetics but we are collaborating as well with other seed banks such as CBD Crew, developing plants with 1:1 ratio (THC:CBD) and some other novelties that will be, for sure, well accepted among medical users and growers.

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